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Handcrafted Clay Bottle- 1 Liter

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Divine clay water bottles are 100% hand crafted on potters wheel by 100% natural clay, no chemical added, no coating. Only natural organic colour is coated on outside wall. It makes more cool and safe drinking water in comparison to mould crafted clay bottles. Since it has more porousity, so it regenerates lost micro biological elements in water. Due to its several filtration process it produces purest form of drinking water with life.

Water breaths in it and gives you pure natural cool fresh drinking water like spring water, which is supposed as purest form of drinking water. The beauty of this product is its non polluting and no waste nature right from concept to its production and use , creates no pollution, nor it creates any pollution after use. The clay is bio degradable and entire process is 100% natural. Use of such product may save whole mankind ans this planet earth. You can gift it to your friends/relatives on the occation of birthday, marriage anniversery/any auspecious occation. This is the divine gift of mother nature which gives you cool fresh drinking water with traditional taste and feel. Presently it is available in 1 Liter capacity. So use divine clay water bottle to stay fit with new energy in this summer.

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