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Handcrafted Clay Water Filter, Made To Naturally Purify Drinking Water

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Gift of the mother Nature. Innovative natural organic product to produce purest form of drinking water with life for whole of your family. DLM clay water filters are 100% hand crafted with natural clay, no chemical added/applied. To make it multi filtration unit terafil filtration candles made by clay are fitted inside water filter. Terafil candles are made as per Govt. of India technology. It removes nard metals, colour, odour, pathogens, micro bacteria and reduces TDS. Water breaths in it and gives you pure natural water like spring water which is supposed as purest form of drinking water. The beauty of this product is its non polluting and no waste nature right from concept to its production and use creates no pollution. Clay is bio degadable and entire process is 100% natural. If you would like to be free water born diseases and ill effects of dead water produced by so called R.O./purifiers, you have to ready to change your habits. The main features of DLM clay water filter are as below: It comprises two units lower one is storage unit fitted with tap and upper one is filtration unit comprising terafil filtration candles made with Govt. of India technology. This clay candle is tested with various laboratories of Govt. of India and found excellent. When you fill the tap water in filtration unit, here porous clay wall removes bacteria, pathogens, heavy metals thereafter terafil candle removes colour, odour, heavy metals, micro bacteria and other pollutants and reduces TDS. When water goes in to storage unit through terafil candle, here again porous wall removes rest pollutants and makes water cool. It also alkalize water , which is good for health. The water produced by DLM clay water filter, increases the metabolic rate, which is help full in curing the diseases. So it is beneficial for all chronic patients. It is electricity free. No use of electricity. No water wastage, unlike R.O. Plants it does not waste 45 to 70% water. No annual maintenance. DLM clay water filter is available in 7 liter capacity. Buy it today to save your family from the dead water of so costly purifiers.

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